Check out our low calorie counted meals and get them delivered twice per week!

Why Us?

Too much restriction causes bingeing and addiction. 

At the Normal Food Co, we're very passionate about making calorie counted and tasty meals fit into your busy lifestyle.

If like many other people, you're bored of the traditional 'diet' food that just doesn't work with the life you live, you'll find that our selection of meals are perfect for keeping your cravings away and convenient to eat.


All of our flexible meals come delivered freshly prepared on the same day of cooking with top quality ingredients to ensure they help you achieve your health and fitness goals. 

Why We're Different

We aren't your typical food prep company. All of our food is designed and freshly cooked by our very own professional chef. We don't sell frozen meals. We don't sell any boring food. We create taste and low calorie, all in to one delicious meal.

Our aim is to create meals that are full of flavour, varied and designed to settle cravings. 

All of our meals are calorie counted and stored in the MyFitnessPal database making it all the more convenient for you to track effectively.

Eating meals you enjoy is the key to sticking with your diet

Taking a flexible approach to your food choices will help your progress long term. Proven to cause less bingeing, less restriction and preventing a bodyweight rebound


Calorie counted meals designed to fit your lifestyle and goals 


Delicious meals with a fantastic macronutrient break down


Rid your diet of boring plain foods and create some enjoyment

How It Works

You Order

Choose from a selection of delicious calorie counted meals

We Prepare

Our chefs freshly prepare and customise your meals to meet specific diet goals

We Deliver

Have your meals delivered to your home, gym or office at a time convenient for you

Why We Are Beneficial

  • All meals are calorie and macro counted

  • 10 signature meals to choose from

  • Have a custom nutrition plan created to align with your flexible meal prep

  • Freshness guaranteed

  • Incredible flavours with lots of variety

  • Save time, fit your lifestyle and achieve your goals