T R A N S F O R M A T I O N S 

When Connor Lannon asked me to take up his 12 week challenge I thought yeah why not... so I weighed myself, took a couple of pics and bought some healthy food (lots of rice).

As weeks went on I started craving a Chinese or an Indian something fatty (comfort food). But will power kicked in and help from family and especially Jenna Brown kept me on track.

As the finish line got closer and closer I just looked back at how I used to look and compared to how far I had come over the weeks.

My challenge finishes Monday but I'm going away today so I'm ending it early. So from starting at 225 lbs I have worked hard physically and mentally but I'm now calling an end at a final weight of 192.8lbs.

It's been an experience and I'm hoping never to go back to fat dan, I feel great and my confidence has had a huge boost.

Massive thanks to connor for helping me through this. And thanks to everyone else when I've had my hangry (hungry anger) spells. 

Daniel Roughley 
Laura Crompton

After going through some family personal issues it's easy to have let my weight go. A few years ago if this happened I'd have been straight into drinking my problems away, feeling sorry for myself and putting my own health at risk.


Luckily I'd already taken the plunge of getting a PT, got into training and had a great, positive support network around me in the gym and at home which made me more determined to achieve goals and be as healthy as I can.


I went to Connor in the beginning hoping for a quick fix and ended up changing my life and finding a great friend in the process! Everybody needs this guy in their lives I cannot recommend him enough 


Overall in the past 18 months I have lost 4 stone whilst training at the Strength Factory and I honestly couldn't do it without the guys support! I was a size 16 when I started and I am now a size 10 and I haven't felt this good in all my life!


Training with Connor has changed my life. After struggling with body confidence issues, I decided to take the plunge and get my training and diet in check. 


It's been one of the best decisions I've made for myself and there's no looking back.


Im down over 2 stone, feel much stronger, have better body shape and most importantly it has built my confidence to train freely in the gym 😊


I couldn't recommend Connor enough!

Jason Darbyshire

I've been a client of Connor's for nearly 12 months now. I have always been active but didn't do anything for a couple of years due to working away which i then let myself go so to speak.

I didn't know anything about nutrition or how to train correctly, just what I had picked up off people in the past who didn't know much themselves either.

In the 11 months I have been with Connor I have learned a whole lot and come on leaps and bounds.

I actually look and feel amazing, it's the best thing I have ever done getting in touch with Connor, (well apart from being with my lovely wife). Connor is a great PT and friend he is so approachable and knows so much.

I would not have gotten as far as I have without him he's one of the best!

I would highly recommend that anyone who is looking to change then to contact Connor.

Thank you for my transformation. 

Michael Bridgewood

I've been a client of Connor's for just over 12 months now and it has been the best decision I have made. I used to train regularly on my own and never really saw any decent results. That's when I decided to get in touch with Connor. 

His results speak for themselves. He has a great understanding and knowledge of what his clients are going through and always knows how to pick you up when your feeling at a low, and without his mindset and nutrition plans, I wouldn't have achieved what I have.

Not only is he a great PT, but also a great friend and I cannot recommend him enough.

If your after results then Connor is definitely your man.